Utilities Bicker Over FCC Broadband Proposal as Industry Leader Rebrands

But while some utilities are on board, power providers are not yet uniformly in support of that future, which is taking shape in a Federal Communications Commission proposal to reconfigure a band of spectrum to allow for broadband service, alongside traditional narrowband use, for critical infrastructure. Utilities have raised concerns that allowing licensed broadband spectrum in the 900 megahertz band would raise costs for their operations and ratepayers and could expose existing narrowband networks to interference.

PdvWireless Inc., which last Friday changed its operating name to Anterix Inc., has sought the spectrum change for more than four years. The company said its name change reflects its focus on eventually providing private LTE broadband networks to critical infrastructure purveyors. It holds about 60 percent of all channels in the 900 MHz band in key U.S. metro areas.

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SOURCE: Morning Consult