“Why can’t we just use cellular?” This question comes up repeatedly within utility companies when discussing the need for a Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network. It is a valid question, usually asked by senior executives or the enterprise security department, and one that will need to be addressed, usually multiple times, when justifying the need for a private LTE for LMR networks. What is an LMR system? What is it used for? What is the business need for utilities to own and operate this type of system?

Utilities rely on their land mobile radios (LMR) and the communications infrastructure that connects them. When cellular carrier service becomes unavailable during or after a natural disaster, utilities need secure, ultra-reliable communications. Utilities across the country are under constant pressure to improve worker safety, be prepared for a multitude of events, and maintain continuity of business operations, all while ensuring reliable communications for operational needs. Utilities can’t afford a break in communication, especially during a critical event, so they need to be certain that their communications meet the requirements in advance of the next big storm.