“The Role of AI in the Digital Grid”

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“The Role of AI in the Digital Grid”

Recorded at the 2023 UBBA Summit & Plugfest in Minneapolis:  From forecasting demand to advanced self-healing grid management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered utility  infrastructure is the talk of the year.  These next-generation intelligence systems can monitor equipment for potential outages or failures and respond to disruption or predict maintenance needs. AI labs are developing new ways to extract insights about the electric grid from vast quantities of data, with the goal of ensuring reliability and efficiency, but what are the challenges AI may bring? Where is AI’s place in the energy grid? What about security and data privacy? Our panel will dive into these and other questions in this look at the future of utility AI.

SPEAKERS: Caleb Murphy (SDG&E), Ali Mohammed (NYPA), Basit Malik (Fieldforce) and DISCUSSION FACILITATOR: Matt Olson (Burns & McDonnell)

Click the image below to watch the panel in its entirety:

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