“Insights from Utility Technology Leaders”

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“Insights from Utility Technology Leaders”

Recorded October 12, 2023 in Minneapolis – Utilities collectively are under increasing pressure to act to ensure their critical infrastructure is ready to meet aggressive clean energy targets and harden the electric grid for improved resilience and security. Data and communications technologies underpinning grid operations play a key role in advancing utility modernization solutions to solve these challenges while also mitigating risks, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving operational metrics. Leaders from across the utility industry will provide their insights on how utilities can come together to collectively drive industry development to address these challenges by leveraging utilities’ shared interests, priorities, knowledge, talent, technology, and resources.

SPEAKERS: : Charles King, SVP & CTO (Evergy), Ken Price, COO (LCRA), and Tawnya Fielder – replacing Kelly Bloch(Xcel Energy) DISCUSSION FACILITATOR: Ryan Gerbrandt, (Anterix)

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