“EVs, DERs & AMI 2.0 – Oh My!”

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“EVs, DERs & AMI 2.0 – Oh My!”

Recorded October 12, 2023 a the UBBA summit & Plugfest in Minneapolis.  – Grid Modernization goals for enhancing reliability and resiliency require a highspeed network to enable a variety of supporting utility use-cases. Integrating Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy Resources, and migration of the next generation of AMI are not just hype. Demands on the aging metering network are accelerating, driven by increasing operational costs, the need for more bandwidth, higher reliability, and better security. Over the next 5-7 years, utilities will see a greater growth in data usage driven by an expanded number of grid devices connected to real time grid controls demanding more frequent data exchanges. To address these challenges, utilities need to plan now for additional EVs, DERs and AMI 2.0. Attendees gain insights on the best approach and the benefits to the utility and their customers.

SPEAKERS: Rich Creegan (Anterix), Steve Merrill (Itron), David Hulinsky (Black & Veatch), Chris Trabold (GE), and Carlos Carazo (SCE) & DISCUSSION FACILITATOR: John Engel (Clarion Energy)

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