Cybersecurity: Benefits of a Private LTE Network

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Cybersecurity: Benefits of a Private LTE Network

Utilities and their customers have been focused on electric service reliability since the first systems were installed. Today, the electric grid is growing more complex as we add electrical loads and generation in places not anticipated in the original grid designs. Our very own Cybersecurity working group that is comprised of thought leaders from the industry’s most respected companies authored this whitepaper to outline the cybersecurity benefits of a Private LTE Network.

Complex systems are more susceptible to disruption and service degradation than simple systems. Utilities are redesigning distribution systems and deploying new technology, but the challenge is increased exponentially by the risk of cyber attacks heightened by greater reliance on data-dependent technologies.

This paper explores specific utility needs with corresponding features of the technology, demonstrating Private LTE as the right choice for ongoing efforts to improve protections.

  • The Value to a Utility of possessing complete control over its own data network
  • Private LTE’s set of robust cybersecurity features
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework as a tool to inform cybersecurity decisions
  • LTE authentication for older technologies


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