pdvWireless Needs $100M to $150M More Funding for 900 MHz Relocation

The company, which is waiting for final rules from the FCC on realigning the 900 MHz spectrum largely following recommendations in a 2014 pdvWireless petition for rulemaking, expects negative cash flow of about $30 million per year for the next two to three years. Most of the money will be used to reimburse incumbent 900 MHz narrowband licenses to move to other 900 MHz spectrum and retune their systems. The narrowband shift will free up a swatch of 900 MHz broadband spectrum for pdvWireless to offer long-term broadband spectrum leases and services.

O’Brien compared the 900 MHz retuning process to the 800 MHz rebanding process that was supposed to be done in three years but is still ongoing, more than 14 years after it began in 2005. He estimated the total cost to retune all the narrowband licenses in the 900 MHz band to be from $90 million to $120 million during three years.

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SOURCE: MissionCritical Communications