Bobbi Harris, member engagement lead for UBBA sits down with David Briesacher, Ameren’s Manager of Intelligrid Business Planning & Integration, and Kevin Malloy, VP of Customer Solutions of Anterix, to discuss the early trends from an ongoing UBBA survey, which looks at the realities that utilities face when considering private wireless broadband networks strategies.

Utilities Share Their Concerns in Survey Responses About Private LTE Networks

The UBBA survey looked at the key utility drivers for private networks like cybersecurity, control, and reliability. This utility discussion adds color and insights from the survey results and experience about business issues that need to be included in lifetime total cost of ownership. Investments in time, manpower and money all need to be considered early in the utility planning process. While admitting that Private is a bit of a puzzle, David shared Ameren’s strategic planning process with keeping a firm focus on the operational benefits.

Key Topics in the Webcast Include:

  • Benefits and Challenges of Private LTE
  • Public vs Private Network Drivers
  • Total Cost of Ownership Models
  • Utility Staff Skills & Training Needs
  • Talking with Regulators and Utility Executives

The Utility Broadband Alliance Will Leverage These Findings for The Future

As is often the case when UBBA members get together, this conversation highlights the opportunities that are made available by implementing the Private LTE technology. UBBA was established as a place for utilities to learn from one another and the close of the webcast highlights some ways UBBA will use the insights from this survey for 2021 activities. If your utility didn’t get to take the survey over the summer, you still have time. We have reopened it for additional feedback and are continuing to integrate survey responses from utilities. Click here to take the survey.