Ericsson, pdvWireless urge FCC to take quick action on 900 MHz band

According to Ericsson, incorporating a broadband allocation in the 900 MHz band will provide greater flexibility by allowing the use of applications—such as Voice over LTE, Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) and Mission Critical Push-To-Talk over LTE—with greater capacity and device density.

“It should also be noted that critical industries have a strong interest in several of these applications as they provide an evolution path from legacy networks to broadband while retaining traditional services,” Ericsson told the commission in a May 31 filing (PDF). “The 900 MHz band is very attractive for facilitating this transition… In addition, this low-band spectrum is ideal for LTE because of its propagation characteristics, and because the band overlaps the 3GPP Band 8 standard/the GSM 900 band, it is therefore expected to take advantage of international harmonization and economies of scale globally to provide equipment—meaning quicker deployments and cheaper equipment and devices.”

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SOURCE: FierceWireless