Join Guidehouse Analyst Richelle Elberg, author of Private LTE Networks Position Utilities for Industry Transformation, Alan McIntyre of Southern Company, Chris Guttman-McCabe, Chief Regulatory and Communications Officer of Anterix, and moderator Kevin Malloy, Vice President of Customer Solutions and Strategic Development of Anterix, to hear more from them about the concept of a future grid communications network effect.

The momentum for private LTE networks for utilities is growing and those that embrace private LTE (PLTE) networks as the communication platform for a connected, digital, and intelligent grid stand to realize a broader range of benefits. Envision now utility network collaboration across a region or nationwide to multiply and extend their existing capabilities and enable new ones. Utilities with the vision to participate in a collective network stand to maximize the value of opportunities brought forth through compatible communications. As outlined by Guidehouse in Private LTE Networks Position Utilities for Industry Transformation, standardization of private LTE networks offers significant benefits to utilities through the convergence of robust and future-proof networking technology.